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  • All Viking brand mud flaps are warranted for one (1) year from date of purchase against breakage, curling, and separation under normal operating conditions within the recommended service temperature.
  • Minimum order quantity on custom imprint mud flaps is 100 pieces. You can mix and match sizes and materials to hit this minimum quantity. There is no minimum on blank (no logo) mud flaps.
  • Standard logos have no set up charge on orders of 300+ pieces. Orders between 100 pieces and 300 pieces have a set up charge that varies depending on the logo and size. Contact Viking Sales for details and pricing.
  • Custom mud flap colors are available on bulk orders. Contact Viking Sales for details and minimum quantities (green, red, blue, yellow, etc.)
  • Standard mud flaps are square / rectangle. Custom angle cuts and/or rounded corners are available. Contact Viking Sales for details and pricing.
  1. What colors are the Mud Flaps available in?       Black only for rubber and White or Black for Poly. However, we can help with custom colors, contact your sales representative to see what options are available. There is usually a minimum requirement for custom-colored flaps.
  2. What is your warranty on the Mud Flaps? Viking brand mud flaps carry a (1) one year warranty from date of purchase against breakage, curling and separation under normal operating conditions within the recommended service temperature of -40oF to +150oF.
  3. What size of Mud Flaps do you offer? We offer the most common standard sizes, sizes are 24×18, 24×24, 24×30 and 24×36. We can also make custom sized mud flaps based off qty needed.  Please contact your sales representative for more details.
  4. What is the minimum order on your Mud Flaps? The minimum order qty is 100 flaps. The 100 flaps can comprise of different sizes and materials if the imprint logo and imprint color(s) remain the same.
  5. Are the Mud Flaps sold as pairs or individually? All our flaps are sold individually.
  6. Do you offer custom logo mud flaps? Yes – we can do custom logo flaps based off your logo. We require the logo to be in either a .EPS or .AI file format in order for us to duplicate the logo. Check out our mud flap designer tool at www.vikingmudflaps.com, to create your own custom mud flaps.
  7. What material are your mud flaps available in? We offer two types of flap material, Rubber and Poly.
  8. What is the thickness for your mud flaps? Thickness for Rubber is 1/4in, 3/8in. and 1/2in. thickness. The thickness for Poly is 3/16in, 1/4in. and 3/8in. thickness.
  9. I don’t have a custom logo; can I just do lettering? We do require a logo.  That can comprise of block lettering if you choose, however, the design must be yours.  If you do not have something, our design team may be able to help create something for you for an additional charge.  Please check with our customer service team for more details.
  10. Is there a setup fee for logo flaps? Yes, there is a One-Time setup charge for custom logo flaps using your own logo provided to Viking. This charge could be waived with an initial order of 300 flaps.  The 300 flaps can comprise of different sizes and materials if the imprint logo and imprint color(s) remain the same.  Plate charge is waived on 1-2 color logos.  For designs with more than 2 colors, an additional charge may be assessed.
  11. What colors do you offer for logos and if my color isn’t available can you get it? We have a wide array of standard colors available as well as several metallic films. Please refer to our Viking logo color guide for options. If your color does not appear, we can custom color match it by using your Pantone numbers. There is a minimum amount that needs to be ordered however, so it is best to try to come close or order the minimum requirement for custom colors. Please contact your sales representative for minimum requirements.
  12. How is the logo applied to the flap? We hot stamp the logo into our flap using vinyl material. Unlike a lot of other suppliers out there, we do not print the flap, which usually results in your logo fading or scraping off. Our logo being hot stamped will last the life of the flap itself and is virtually impossible to rub it off under normal operating conditions.
  13. Do your mud flaps require a mounting bracket? Yes – in most cases you will need to attach your Viking Mud Flap to a mounting bracket arm. There is a wide array of mud flap mounting brackets available from one of our distributors, please contact a High Bar Brands representative or your local parts distributor for flap mounting options. You can also mount the flap to the bottom of our Minimizer Fenders, we recommend slotting the bolt hole however so it will tear off easier or use our Minimizer Fast Flap mounting hardware to install.       We do not recommend however mounting flaps to the bottom of the Minimizer Fenders with the optional light boxes. This will void the warranty on the fender box itself as damage may occur and backing plate separation can happen.
  14. Do you supply a sample of proof of the flap layout? Yes – a Viking proof showing measurement, size, quantity, color, and layout will be supplied. A signed copy of the layout will need to be returned to your High Bar Brands representative so production can begin. For a sample, your High Bar Brands territory salesman would have a small sample of the material if you would like to review the flap as well.
  15. What is the lead time on Mud Flaps? We keep a large stock of Viking Mud Flaps in house, our turnaround times are very short, some of the best in the industry. Depending on the shippable location, we can generally have flaps out to you within 9 weeks after acceptance of proof.
  16. Do you offer stock logo flaps? No, we do not.
  17. What determines your flap pricing?  We have one price for all customers that meet our 100 piece minimum order.  We want EVERYONE to get our very best pricing!!
  18. Your flaps are squared on the corners, can I get rounded or angled cut corners to fit my brackets? Yes – at time of layout, we can specify a rounded corner or angled cut; this will need to be provided to us first.       To determine angle cut – we go off the top measurement in, and the side measurement down. A small labor fee will be charged for custom angles and / or rounded corners.
  1. Do you have a kit that includes flaps and fast flaps together? No – both items are purchased separately. There would be far too many options and combinations for this to be possible.
  2. Do all your flaps have grooves on the back to help with spray control? All of our flaps come with anti-spray grooves except for our 3/16” poly flaps. Please check out all our mud flap options at: vikingmudflaps.com
  3. Does the 3/16” poly mud flap support stamping? yes
  4. What will be the average time to produce an order of 300 custom mud flaps? Leads times will vary based on order qty and current capacities. Typical minimum lead times would be around 9 weeks.
  5. Is a vector file needed to create a logo? Best practice is to submit your design on our mud flap designer at vikingmudflaps.com and our design team will let you know if a higher resolution mud flap is needed. 
  6. Are all sizes compatible with Minimizer fast flaps? The minimum suggested mud flap thickness is 1/4″. The use of 3/16″ mud flaps may result in improper clamping and the release of the flaps.
  7. Where can I purchase Viking Mud Flaps? At any of our High Bar Brands distributors, contact us at 800-248-3855 to find your nearest distributor or visit us online at https://www.vikingmudflaps.com and request additional info on the Viking Mud Flaps.